Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping in the Redwoods

This 4th of July weekend, we went camping with li'l A. She made us realise she isn't as 'little' any more... it's truly amazing seeing her become a little person gradually - her temperament, her personality is starting to show through more prominently.

It was a fun weekend with a quite some firsts to it's credit...
* 1st time camping as a family of three.
* 1st birthday celebrations in the camps amongst anyone I personally know (A's 2nd b'day.. yippie!!)
* 1st time visiting the gorgeous Humboldt Redwoods
* 1st time setting out at 5:30 in the AM!! (trust me - hubby and I are a really challenged couple as far as early morning activities go)
* 1st time camping with a new set of pals (A and N had such an awesome time together!!)

We had a good time with the kids busy running races and ...well, just running in general. A was mostly covered in mud and dried leaves from head to toe most of the time! I learnt patience and letting go some more! She is even better when I let her be.. I have to remind myself of that every so often. Days were spent sight seeing, playing in the Eel river, or gawking at the tall redwoods! Evenings were filled with zesty debates and casual conversation over grilling and making smores - eating 'bhutta' cooked using 1st principle.. truly amazing if u pair it with some wine .. beer .. any 'madira' of ur choice actually.

It was good to get to just be! We came back much more refreshed than I had imagined. I came back longing for more such camping trips!

Summer's here - hopefully we get to savor the quiet and calm of camping a few more times! tathaastu!

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