Friday, July 10, 2009

The Farquaads of our lives

This is one of my fav. lines from the hilarious movie 'Shrek'
Lord Farquaad is about to send his people to slay the mighty dragon, and to rescue Princess Fiona for him. Most everyone who has tried has died. But Farquaad still insists his men give it a try, for ...these are his words "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make" hahahaha - cracks me up every single time!

When I look around,interestingly, I do find a few Farquaads around me in the real world. I'm not naming names - but these folks have an amazing sense of entitlement; that the very purpose for this universe to exist is to submit to their every whim and fulfil their most ridiculous impulses! So caught up are they in admiring their own self, it's almost absurd to try and reason with them. Grown adults mind ya - not the pre-teens and teens who thinks the world revolves around them.

I've tried in vain, at times getting mad at them, trying to instill some sense of 'reality' in their tiny puny birdbrains only to be left exhausted and disappointed. Only way I have managed to get around these folks with some success is to pretend I don't see them in the 1st place! Kinda difficult if you bump into them every so often - but with practice I have gotten better.

I sometimes imagine being like them - oblivious to anyone else's feelings, unmindful of their needs and expectations. Maybe that's how you deal with the Farquaads - be their mirror - be a Farquaad yourself?

Makes me wonder then, are they a Farquaad as a defense mechanism afterall?

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