Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis the season to make merry!

It's the middle of December and a rainy Friday afternoon on top of it... nope, I am not in the mood for anything creative / productive... hence it's the perfect time to catch up on my blogging I'd say.

A earned a 'ribbon of excellence' yesterday at her swimming class, yay for my baby!! She has grown to love every bit of being in the water. We are gonna enroll her in the Winter sessions soon. As for the progress in her 1st set of classes, well.. she is no longer afraid of going 'ready..... down!!!" just like 'nemo fishie'. That's where they dunk the kids under water and A actually holds her breath quite well for a couple of seconds. My heart always misses a beat when she is under water and every single time I am as proud a mom as cud be when she emerges out of the water..with a triumphant smile.. brushing her hair off of her face.. eager to see what she missed while under water! Her swim vocab includes 'kick kick kick' which goes in an infinite loop for when she is to kick her feet under water in efforts to stay afloat / swim forward... then there's 'monkey jump' and ... I forget what they say when she goes under on her belly and is to come up on her back... must consult her coach S :)

Well, among the recent memories that I'd like to remember in the days to come.. we pulled off a week long last minute trip to the Big Island , Hawaii during Thanksgiving! Been the most relaxing week ever since A was born. Big Island is beautiful and immensely diverse... there was a rainforest in Waipi'o and Hilo was gorgeous... the volcano calderon was immensely humbling and oddly energizing at the same time! I kept thinking about what they said about the earth there being possibly younger than me! (c'mon... only A is younger than I am AFAIK ;)) Came down a waterslide for the first time in my life at the resort pool.. followed by many many more repeats ... hehe, yeah finally; did I tell you guys I am kinda scared of water? Best part of the trip was the feeling S and I both shared that we got to experience A "grow". Can't believe this was the 1st time we were together at this length, just the three of us.. no office, no cooking, no TV .. ahh blissful week!
A is almost 3 feet tall now, though we had to miss the submarine ride 'coz she was about an inch shorter than minimum requirements :( I can't forget the morning when she woke up... made me change her into a swim diaper and dragged her inflatable dolphin to the hotel door and waited for us to head to the pool! S wasn't even up from his sleep yet!!! And this other time, we were watching sunset at the Hapuna beach (amazing!!!!) when she went "the sun is going 'wready down'!!" Amazing how her little brain interpreted the sunset.

Oh I was in the city for a bit this past week, training to be a better manager :) Worst possible timing to visit SF I tell you! This has been the coldest spell I have experienced in the bay area.. and walking to the seminar from the BART station ain't fun :( And yet, I longed to work in the city. There's a different vibe to the whole experience.. and SF has such awesome lunch spots! I now have new insights into my job and it's responsibilities and powers; and better tools to navigate this role (yeah right! ;))

One more thing I don't wanna forget over the days... A's new "oh nooooooo" phase :) She adds an 'oh noooooooo' to every sentence she makes while communicating with her toys now a days. It goes soemthing like.. 'oh noooooooo, where did Simba go!!!!' or else, this is a conversation she had with Elmo just this morning "oh nooooo!! why are you sho shad Elmo?? Just be happy" and then she pretended to be Elmo and went around laughing like a crazy fellow who was "happy". Mumma pretty much has no choice but to be a part of all her pretend play if she is in sight. If I make her really happy by doing something funny.. she gives me a big hug and goes..."I love you mumma... you are my sissster" ;)yes, being her 'sissster' is a proud moment for anyone in our household... daddy hasn't been successful at it yet... nor have the other toys. Pretty much Nemo fishie and mumma are the permanent sissters she has so far :)

I dread the days S isn't around to put her to sleep... she takes me for a royal ride during her sleepy time... almost always ends up putting me to sleep before sleeeping herself. As for when S is around, I have a nice time listening to their bedtime conversation over the baby monitor... they have a lovely story involving Simba and Dumbo and nemo fishie all playing football and swimming and all... then there's the 'gaagaa maaDati' routine that must be performed before her highness finally calls it a night!

You shud hear her sing... she can make up words for almost any tune.. 'lady toto' in the making per S. Me, I just prefer to call her Crime Master Gogo

Friday, October 16, 2009

October already??

Been drinking from the firehose for the last 2 months now! Navigating transitions and new responsibilities - as welcome as it is, is extremely hectic!
First my boss quit - little notice, no warning; yippie - right?? yeah - for all of 2 days .. until it struck me that I was not just getting his title, I was the recipient of his legacy.. the good the bad and the ugly! Then there's more transitions at work.. people resigning, new hires, all amidst the biggest product release of my life so far! (atleast that's what it feels like right now!)

So, work-life balance is largely tilted in favor of work these past 2 months. Still, we've managed to sneak out small pockets of time for some family fun. There was a trip to Yosemite - A's 1st time there. We camped at the housekeeping camps - right by the river. Needless to say, she had a blast, with two of her favorite pastimes... covering herself up in mud from head to toe and then washing herself off in the river :) Then there's been one too many trips to Gilroy Gardens too... we are availing their $10 entry for adults promotion to the fullest! A has a really good time there. All the rides are catered towards young kids and A got a taste of her 1st solo roller coaster ride (it's where the kids sit in a fish themed chair and the ride goes round and round, up and down a little - not bad for a kiddie roller-coaster 'eh?) She absolutely LOVES the carousels. Dragging her out of the park is an art.. I have to neigh like a horsie and claim that "I am soo tired.. I wanna sleep now".. repeat for cows and fishies.. and any other animal that catches her fancy! On the way back, she has fallen asleep in the car every single time - in less than 10 minutes!!

We've also taken an immense liking to the petting area at the nearby Ardenwood farms. The farm animals are a hit with A.. and these days they have a pumpkin patch right outside the farms.. A LOVES 'pumpkin parties!' I gotta get her something for Halloween still!!

Oh another big development is that we've started A with her swimming lessons (finally!!) She has taken to it like.. a fish to water :) There was one class in the middle when S put her head down in water for a sec or two.. a few times. The following session was not so good.. she clung to him.. wouldn't let go! So he backed off a bit and resumed just playing around... floating on water (shleep on paapaa as A likes to call it)kicking around the pool! She is back to giggling and grinning! It's very fulfilling to see her have soo much fun.

And in all this rush, it's Diwali already!! I haven't had the chance / energy / time to prepare anything yet. I still plan on making 'lellow laadu' (besan laddu) for A... and rava laadu for myself ('coz very recently I realised that it's been a while I ate those and I reallly used to like them a lot! Post marriage, those short trips to India end up catering to jamaai raja's taste buds - who doesn't quite fancy these like I do.. and now there's poti dear... mera number kab aayega??) I feel horrible that I made my mom feel bad by bringing this up with her last time we chatted. But then, there are some complaints jo tum sirf apni maa se hi to lagaa saktey ho - no?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Raising A

Some new stuff A has been impressing us with, that I don't want to forget with the days...

This morning, A was snuggling with mumma and trying to bargain to stay at home - not go to the daycare. Our conversation went kinda like this...
A (almost pleading): "No Sukh aunty"
Me: "Baby, we r home right now - but in some time mumma has to go to the office, and you gotta go to...Suk.."
she cut me off
A: "only mumma and daddy and baby time"
Me: "Nah A, after some time you have to go to.."
she cut me off again!
A: "Shunday?"
Me: "No Sonu, it's Tuesday today"
A: "Shatuwday"
she proclaimed contently! ;)

Ahh.... How cud I argue with this little devil who already knows that Saturday and Sunday are mumma daddy and baby days? I sooo wish I cud turn it to a 'Shatuwday' for her sakes!! Sometimes it feels so vain - this waking up and heading to work dropping ur baby in someone's care routine... but then in a moment she is up to something else... ordering mumma around for meeyoooshique and doshaa and string cheese all at the same time!! And I know - I gotta take a breather, or it's not gonna feel all so cute for too long ;) Plus she's learning really cool stuff at the daycare - we couldn't believe our eyes when she almost went into a 'soorya namaskaar' the other day.. claiming it was 'eksherchaise' And the fact that she refuses to come out of the daycare at pick up time - rather wants to drag me in there to play with her, is testament enough that things are generally going in the right direction.

This is about something that happened last evening...

S never really gets to boast much about new stuff he taught A or something she did for the 1st time.. I usually jump in to say - "yeah!! she's been doing that for a while now!" without realising it'd mean a lot to him to think that he was the first one to see it. It always occurs to me a tad late that I can let him savor that feeling. Not this time though.

I was out last evening for some dance lessons when the father daughter duo were at home. She is always well behaved around him - he can surf the web all he wants, while I can't even glance at a laptop with her in the vicinity. Turns out, last night our little miss obedience was asked by her dad to go into another room and turn off the music, then come back to sit with him while he read to her. And she did exactly as she was told!!! It was a pretty big deal to us - that she listened.. that she understood.. that she complied!! She is growing up wayyy to fast!

I came home to one happy kiddo and a beaming dad - for him, I am glad I wasn't around :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monthly roundup - July

We finally had a nice little birthday playdate for A with her pals of over the last 2 years, which one Elmo was a part of! The look on her face was priceless when she saw Elmo had come to visit her!! She wouldn't let go of the ugly red monster even when he was playing with other guests at the playdate. Hugged him tight with a big grin on her face!! Oh Elmo - I owe you one for making my kiddo soo happy!!!

On a more personal front, I've been doing something that I am really proud of - getting up early one morning every weekend and heading out for a hike with gal pals. I think I've already done this for the past 5-6 weeks now, so I can safely claim that I have been doing it regularly. While waking up early isn't the most appealing tasks, I still find myself up 15-20 min before the alarm is set to go off! Guess I AM excited about the hikes 'eh? ;) We've covered most moderate trails in the vicinity and are now thinking of expanding our trail radii to get more fun hikes in. Eventually I want to be fit enough (confident enough) to undertake a hike at the Grand Canyon - yeah, I know rim to rim is a stretch for now - but I sure want to do one to the valley at the very least!

On the 'phamily' outings front, we've had our share of birthday parties and get togethers with friends. Also the local summer concert by the lake was a huge hit with A. She danced to the loud music and seemed to enjoy herself a lot, last time we were there.

Work has been busy on and off for me, while S has been working late hours way more often these days. No notable new movies as such, but yeah we watched 'Aandhi' again - Sanjeev Kumar is just an amazing actor all around!! From Aandhi to Angoor - the guy gave his all to every single character he portrayed!

Hey, I have also been going to these Bollywood based dance classes for the last 5-6 Mondays - starting to enjoy it more and more! In a weird way I have suddenly had this impulse to resume my kathak training. Somehow I think it is more my kind than the power packed jazzy, in your face kinda thing the bollywood dance offers. I miss the adakaari, the nuances of kathak, I guess. Wonder if there are any classes offered in my area.

Well, nothing really jazzy to add to this blog entry - this is more of a roundup of what life's been like off late. Not shabby, though it cud be better ;) (my company cud go public - I cud make tons of money and stay back home for a while, enjoy watching A grow up.. resume kathak, work out and get back in shape completely... watch the Godfather trilogy one more time, read read and read some more.. travel to Alaska .. u know... ;))

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you okay????

She recently received a doll as a birthday present from a friend. Handing it to her, I was very curious if I were gonna witness her girly side. She looked at the doll and went "Baybeeee", with a beeeg grin on her face. "Awww.... Here A, lemme set up her stroller for ya!" Meanwhile, she went ahead to smother the 'baybee'with kisses. I was all excited to see her new 'little mommy' side - wondering how she'd care for her new little toy. Now the toy stroller frame was up - just had to fit the seat in it and we were game... just then A got impatient and decided the stroller was good enough for the baybee in its current state.

"BANG!!" she flung the doll into the frame.... "Seet pwopewly" she commanded. She gave it a few tries - to seat the doll in the frame in some semblance of a seated posture - was much to impatient to get it right. On a whim, she decided the doll didn't need her cap and yanked it off. Bam!! there the little thing got pushed toward the stroller frame again! Face down, arms and a leg thru the frame ... yeah, real comfortable!

I said.. "be gentle A... look, the baby is crying!!" "DON'T CWY!! DON'T CWY!! Seet pwopewleee" she thundered again! I pitied the little doll and was almost mad at A for being so heartless about it. At 2 years, she's gotta know how to be a little nice I thought! Where was her empathy? So, off they set on a stroll in the family room.... half way thru the ride, the poor doll fell out of the partly built stroller. A walked over, and for some reason, decided it was time to be nice to her. She picked up the doll and gave her a "beeeg hug" with her trademark background score which she always hums when she hugs ya! Not so bad, I thought to myself- while my baby went on the read her doll a book - keweeeeweus george and the bunny :) Out of nowhere she says to the doll - "don't woaweee baybee... it's OK" She picks her doll up one last time.... "Are you Okay??" , which warmed my heart to no ends! I went and gave them both a hug.. and when the doll got in the way, A nonchalantly threw her off the sofa, and rubbing her cheeks against mine she inquired.. "Mommy....Are you okay??"

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Farquaads of our lives

This is one of my fav. lines from the hilarious movie 'Shrek'
Lord Farquaad is about to send his people to slay the mighty dragon, and to rescue Princess Fiona for him. Most everyone who has tried has died. But Farquaad still insists his men give it a try, for ...these are his words "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make" hahahaha - cracks me up every single time!

When I look around,interestingly, I do find a few Farquaads around me in the real world. I'm not naming names - but these folks have an amazing sense of entitlement; that the very purpose for this universe to exist is to submit to their every whim and fulfil their most ridiculous impulses! So caught up are they in admiring their own self, it's almost absurd to try and reason with them. Grown adults mind ya - not the pre-teens and teens who thinks the world revolves around them.

I've tried in vain, at times getting mad at them, trying to instill some sense of 'reality' in their tiny puny birdbrains only to be left exhausted and disappointed. Only way I have managed to get around these folks with some success is to pretend I don't see them in the 1st place! Kinda difficult if you bump into them every so often - but with practice I have gotten better.

I sometimes imagine being like them - oblivious to anyone else's feelings, unmindful of their needs and expectations. Maybe that's how you deal with the Farquaads - be their mirror - be a Farquaad yourself?

Makes me wonder then, are they a Farquaad as a defense mechanism afterall?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping in the Redwoods

This 4th of July weekend, we went camping with li'l A. She made us realise she isn't as 'little' any more... it's truly amazing seeing her become a little person gradually - her temperament, her personality is starting to show through more prominently.

It was a fun weekend with a quite some firsts to it's credit...
* 1st time camping as a family of three.
* 1st birthday celebrations in the camps amongst anyone I personally know (A's 2nd b'day.. yippie!!)
* 1st time visiting the gorgeous Humboldt Redwoods
* 1st time setting out at 5:30 in the AM!! (trust me - hubby and I are a really challenged couple as far as early morning activities go)
* 1st time camping with a new set of pals (A and N had such an awesome time together!!)

We had a good time with the kids busy running races and ...well, just running in general. A was mostly covered in mud and dried leaves from head to toe most of the time! I learnt patience and letting go some more! She is even better when I let her be.. I have to remind myself of that every so often. Days were spent sight seeing, playing in the Eel river, or gawking at the tall redwoods! Evenings were filled with zesty debates and casual conversation over grilling and making smores - eating 'bhutta' cooked using 1st principle.. truly amazing if u pair it with some wine .. beer .. any 'madira' of ur choice actually.

It was good to get to just be! We came back much more refreshed than I had imagined. I came back longing for more such camping trips!

Summer's here - hopefully we get to savor the quiet and calm of camping a few more times! tathaastu!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hmm... me??

Alright alright... here's a customary who am I thing before I start with all things random.
Well, folks who will check out this space, if at all, already know the long and short of me...but even so - here goes...
* I sometimes beat around the bush for a while before coming to the point ;)
* I have been meaning to start blogging for a real long time now - big time procrastinator!
* I intend to log some everyday happenings here that I think might be of interest to me .. say in another 2-3 years (yeah, not too good with remembering things either!)
* There is a good chance most of my blogging will center around the little monster in my life and all her doings
* OK ... running out of steam already.. more coming sometime soon :)