Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monthly roundup - July

We finally had a nice little birthday playdate for A with her pals of over the last 2 years, which one Elmo was a part of! The look on her face was priceless when she saw Elmo had come to visit her!! She wouldn't let go of the ugly red monster even when he was playing with other guests at the playdate. Hugged him tight with a big grin on her face!! Oh Elmo - I owe you one for making my kiddo soo happy!!!

On a more personal front, I've been doing something that I am really proud of - getting up early one morning every weekend and heading out for a hike with gal pals. I think I've already done this for the past 5-6 weeks now, so I can safely claim that I have been doing it regularly. While waking up early isn't the most appealing tasks, I still find myself up 15-20 min before the alarm is set to go off! Guess I AM excited about the hikes 'eh? ;) We've covered most moderate trails in the vicinity and are now thinking of expanding our trail radii to get more fun hikes in. Eventually I want to be fit enough (confident enough) to undertake a hike at the Grand Canyon - yeah, I know rim to rim is a stretch for now - but I sure want to do one to the valley at the very least!

On the 'phamily' outings front, we've had our share of birthday parties and get togethers with friends. Also the local summer concert by the lake was a huge hit with A. She danced to the loud music and seemed to enjoy herself a lot, last time we were there.

Work has been busy on and off for me, while S has been working late hours way more often these days. No notable new movies as such, but yeah we watched 'Aandhi' again - Sanjeev Kumar is just an amazing actor all around!! From Aandhi to Angoor - the guy gave his all to every single character he portrayed!

Hey, I have also been going to these Bollywood based dance classes for the last 5-6 Mondays - starting to enjoy it more and more! In a weird way I have suddenly had this impulse to resume my kathak training. Somehow I think it is more my kind than the power packed jazzy, in your face kinda thing the bollywood dance offers. I miss the adakaari, the nuances of kathak, I guess. Wonder if there are any classes offered in my area.

Well, nothing really jazzy to add to this blog entry - this is more of a roundup of what life's been like off late. Not shabby, though it cud be better ;) (my company cud go public - I cud make tons of money and stay back home for a while, enjoy watching A grow up.. resume kathak, work out and get back in shape completely... watch the Godfather trilogy one more time, read read and read some more.. travel to Alaska .. u know... ;))

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