Friday, April 16, 2010

new blog... public demand! :)

The one person that follows my blog, other than me myself ofcourse ;) reminded me that I haven't posted to this space in some time now! Bolay to 'kasssha kasshaala veL nahiye aajkal '!! not really - I am gonna stop procrastinating as of this moment.. for the next few minutes ;) ;)
I so DON't want to write up summary style blogs, but for now, to serve the ultimate purpose of this blog as a diary of sorts, I am just going to do that. Some day I hope to be able to pen something more spontaneous, more than just a report you know...

My youngest sis completed her bachelors studies just a few days back - who knew she had it in her to complete her studies... she never gave us enough reasons to think she'd do it...mainly 'coz .. she is a little whimsical like that ;) (now now - you can always leave a comment on my blog sistah) SO anyhoo, me very happy for her... and excited about what she is gonna choose next. You see unlike myself and my 2nd sis.. and my hubby... and most folks in my family, she chose not to be a engineer or a doctor (so cliche.. but so true!) she is smart that way ... I am gonna live my alternate career waala life thru her :)

Majli is good at what she does... kamar toD mehnat combined with the smarts.. kya chaiye kisi boss ko apney team member mein aur? ;) these days she cooks yummy (looking) stuff... and more often than not brags about the yummy chaat she devours on a regular basis... grr... then she spends some time fretting about her home mortgage ... I always think she is too young to worry about such things... but I guess she's always wanted to be taken seriously.. to be treated like a grown up. ye beech ke siblings and their complexes!! (there another blog comment scored!!)

Needless to say I miss being with my folks....miss being back with my cousins and uncles and aunts really! I know as time passes, we've all made our peace and moreso, gotten used to the state of things.. but still, there are times I wish I were closer to India.. to be able to enjoy everyone's company in real time :) My li'l cousin bro's and sis's are no longer li'l. I never understand their slang any more! And some have just decided to switch off from keeping in touch ... khair.. what a whiny blog this is becoming now!

chalo, it's almost time to pick up li'l miss A... she has a playdate tonight. Someday when she is all grown up, I am going to make her read my blog and I am not sure how she'll take it that I logged the fact that my baby now is officially on the right track to potty training! "Mumma... poopoo is coming!!" the best words I can hope for in the morning and at evening! She is enthralled every single time she is successful in her efforts.. her "I did it Mommy, I did it!" is about as proud as she ever feels of herself! WHAT a girlie girl she is turning into now.. well, by my standards atleast. The drama and the high pitched exclamations... the tears that flow so freely when someone just so much as raises an eyebrow at her!! I pity S... he is one confused dad.. and she is yet to turn three!!

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