Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's day to all you mommies!

A few pals of mine and I have been very enthusiastically sharing our feelings on being mommies... I've ended up counting how many ways life has changed since A came into our life. I've realised that I could not possibly summarize all that has changed.. all that the change has meant, ways it has impacted my outlook towards life in most every aspect of it. My initial attempts have left me dissatisfied with the results... so, no real mother's day post from me. However, there's something I'd like to share... my everyday conversations with A. She's a self professed big girl now.. and yeah, she talks a LOTT! So, here are a few random snippets from our daily life...

A: Are you happy mommy?
Me: Yes
A: Then stop being sad, be happy!
Usually around 6:00 AM, with her eyes still closed..
A: Mommy, can you get me some garam doodu please?
Me: I love you A
A: I love you too Mommy
Me: I love you three A
A: I love you zheeyo Mommy (zero is greater than twenty.. and is the current largest number in A's world!)
A: Can I Can I .. Can I … Can I…
Me: Can I what A?
A: Hmmm… Can I.. eat some ek-ek?
(for reasons I don’t remember.. ek-ek refers to the dough I mix for making rotis.. she likes to eat it just like that)
A: I want two ek-ek
A: Can you hear that?
Me: Yeah, what is it A?
A: I think so it is a vacuum cleaner
Me: I don’t think so, I think it’s a maccue cleaner
A: {giggling} No, it’s not a maccue cleaner, it’s a vacuum cleaner!
Me: Can I have a hug?
A: No thank you!
A: Mommy, will you help me take care of me??
Me: Sure baby, come here
A: Thank you Mommy, you’re my bessht friend, evver (this is while I pick her up to ‘take care’ of her and she hugs me like we’ve met after ages!)
Me: Do you have to go peepee?
A: Oh yes, I do; yesh I do
Me: Let’s go then, quick!
A: Can I .. Can I.. can I pull down my underwear? (yep, no one else is allowed to do that any more!)
A: Mommy, I think so the poopoo is coming
Me: Let’s go, let’s go to the potty
A: Can I pull down my underwear?
Me: Here, let me help you
A: Not you!! Not you!! I can do it
A: (on the potty) Can I do some peepee please?
Me: Sure babe
After a few minutes..
A: I DID it mommy, I DID it!!
Me: You did it?
A: Yes, a LOTT of it :)
A: The moon is windy Mommy… the moon is windy
(We figure she put it together that in the evening when she gets back from daycare, it is windy... and well, the moon has come out about then)
A: Mommy – are you windy? Wear a jacket!
A: I’m so cute!
A: I want beeeg uppa khaaya daddy
Uppa Khaara Uppa (kannada)… is what S says when he gets back home from work.. she goes rushing to greet him and he picks her up and bounces her high in the air and catches her on her way down… the squeals of delight take away all the stress of the day!
A: aggain.. aggain!
A: with an Elmo chaddi on her head… Look at meeee, I’m a pirate.. arrrrgh!
Me: Who sez that?
A: Yo gabba gabba (this yo gabba gabba thing has a lot of influence on her – I sure hope it’s a good thing!)
A: Look at mee.. I am a turtle (she is lying on her belly here.. with a pillow across her back, sort of like a turtle's shell)A: I am shwimming… oh no… I am so scared.. There’s a big wheal coming.. OH NO!!!! (ofcourse the big wheal (whale) is S.. who then informs the turtle that he is a friend)
S: Don’t be scared little turtle... I won’t eat you… I’m your friend!
A: I am lost! ;)

Happy Mother's day fellow mommies!


  1. hehehe... chalo good atleast u resumed writing yr blog...its always fun ..yr A is the cutest cutest cutest thing in the world(i m actually scared i am nt gonna love my kid this much!! :-) )...baaki my yummy looking food will soon be yummy tasting to u.. keep waiting!