Saturday, August 7, 2010

I am getting it now... I think!

Sweat literally burning my eyes.... now why would I ever *volunteer* for something that'd lead to this?! Ahhh... the sweet pain, the satisfaction of working out!!

The last couple of yoga classes have been amazing for me. I can feel my transition to the next level ... I can pass off for a semi regular... well, at least a *not a newbie* practicioner now. I remember starting off with a goal of not leaving the room for the duration of the class. I haven't stepped out of a class in the middle of one even once - but hey, I know how many times I have given up in the middle of an asana and just sunk into my mat... hoping for the class to be over soon... questioning my judgement in doing something this intense. For all that I have come through, I am really happy with myself for sticking with the programme (with some much needed and very well timed figurative kicks in the behind from S ofcourse)

I am now where I can stick with all the 26 asanas for the entire 90 minutes without feeling the intense urge to just leave it all and flee the studio. I think if an experienced *yogini* has taken a 100 steps to get where they are at practicing yoga... I am at step 10...but well, in my mind I have no doubts that I worked very hard to put step 9 behind me. I hope to remember the feeling of tiredness and relaxation in one breath... and then forgettting all the fatigue the next moment. Ahh... rejuvenating yoga! During savaasana today, I almost felt my body emanating heat... I could see the vapors rise from the surface of my skin. Geez, it is an experience every single class!

One of the instructors sums it up very well.... his concluding statements go like..
"Remember my friend, energy is not something you have... energy is something you ARE!"


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  1. woahh...nw i knw wot u meant in ur u r gifted wid vocabulary ga.....y am i the odd one?????...very very proud of my dii ma!!!....eeeeee